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“All our dreams are possible if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

Dear Guest,

At 5 feet tall, strangers must think I’m travel-size because I’m often stopped in the Southwest Airlines aisle and asked to take the middle seat. I actually agreed once and spent the entire four-hour trip without an armrest. Discomfort aside, I enjoy touring where I learn fascinating tidbits to put in my books about the Gilded Age.

My passion for historical fiction began when I spent one night at The Hotel Del Coronado. It’s a magical Victorian beauty. Inspired, I wrote a short story set when the hotel was first built (1888). The story was terrible. But in the piece, the character wrote a letter. That letter was some of my best work. I loved it. So I challenged myself – can I write a novel told through letters? The answer is yes. It just takes eight years! The result is my novel FROM ACROSS THE ROOM. Witty young writer Thomas Gadwell falls in love with the daughter of a railroad baron who sees Thomas as a useless ne’er-do-well. Torn apart, Thomas gives chase and unwittingly discovers the corruption in the railroad industry. If you love unfolding history and want to feel a bit voyeuristic, then this novel is for you.

While researching letters, I stumbled on the topic for my next novel, a female lobbyist in 1887. Now if you remember your history, this means women were lobbying before we had the right to vote. What?! I had to explore more. Did you know that in 1887 there was a proposed 16th amendment that would have granted women voting rights? Me either. Put those together, and I had to write a story. REMEMBER THE LADIES is about Amelia Cooke, a lobbyist in 1887 who is trying to help pass a voting amendment. Working against the all-male “old guard,” Amelia must use all her tricks and ultimately ask herself what gives women a voice in the world. It’s a question I think we’re still asking today. This novel is fast-paced and filled with intrigue. It’s not a political book, but you’ll learn some captivating morsels and hopefully feel empowered by the surprise ending. Check out the reviews to see if this one’s for you.

Along with 250,000 women in the U.S., in 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My journey was eased by caring family and friends who wrote me cards and letters. To encourage other women going through treatment, I started a charity called Girls Love Mail. In 2017, we put our gift book, DEAR FRIEND; Letters of Encouragement, Humor and Love for Women with Breast Cancer. It’s a book of 100 beautiful letters out of the over 145,000 we’ve sent out so far. Just be careful, Girls Love Male is completely different.

When I’m not writing, traveling, or at Girls Love Mail, you’ll find me solving whodunit mystery puzzles. The clues and plot twists are great for my own writing. Tip: The poison is in the ice cube. I also love to bake, swim, and am a sucker for puppy videos.

I think what I like most about writing is being the boss. In the real world I’m asked to take the middle seat. As a writer, my characters play, argue, dream, and fall in love at my command. It’s not a bad way to pass the time.

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear from you. It’s lonely being the boss. Don’t forget to find out your perfect Austen man , sign up for my newsletter, and wow your friends with your napkin folding. I hope you’ll check out my books, too. Without you, the reader, writing wouldn’t be nearly as fun!



- San Francisco Lit Quake Short Story Contest
- Greyden Press Book Contest
- Soul-Making Literary Competition
- Workshop with Atlantic Magazine Editor, C. Michael Curtis
- Winner of the 2009 and 2004 Abilene Writer’s Guild Contests
- San Diego Stage University Conference Submission Award

- Authors Guild
Association of Writing Professionals
Women’s National Book Association
California Writers Club Sacramento
– Capitol Region Writers Coffeehouse
- Sacramento Stories on Stage
- 82 Star Review
- AAA Highroads Magazine
- Ladies Home Journal
- PC Computing
- Smart Electronics
- San Diego Home and Garden
- Metropolitan Magazine
- San Diego Visitor’s Guide
- San Diego E Magazine
- Computer Edge
- San Diego Family Magazine
- San Diego County Real Estate Executive
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