“The characters have richly defined voices and fascinating lives that sparkle against a transcontinental history of America at the beginning of the twentieth century.”
— Jessica Klein, Award-winning Writer/Producer of Northern Exposure, Beverly Hills 90210, Gabriel’s Fire and other popular TV series

“Gina Mulligan’s impeccable prose, engaging characters, and original style reminds us all why we love to read.”
— Reza Kahlili, 2010 National Best Books winner for A Time to Betrayer

“A passionate love story set in a brilliantly recreated Gilded Age, this intimate epistolary novel takes the reader from a wide-open California to the salons of literary and industrial New York.  Colorful and indelible characters stride across the pages of this exceptionally vivid historical novel that brings the past stirringly to life.”
— Diana Birchall, Bestselling Author of Mr. Darcy’s Dilemma

AMAZON Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars: Charming and delightful
on November 13, 2016 
A wonderful read with interesting structure. The letters moved the action seamlessly and the characters were charming. I recommend this book without reservation.

5.0 out of 5 stars: A compelling epistolary novel

Another brilliant read from Gina L. Mulligan. I’m always impressed with her historical detail and accuracy. I heard in an interview that while writing this epistolary novel, she developed the idea for Girls Love Mail, her national nonprofit that gives handwritten letters to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

By SUSAN PETERSON on October 2, 2016
From Across the Room is told through letters written by Thomas Gadwell, an aspiring novelist in the late 19th Century. Thomas has arrived in San Diego from Boston one summer, suffering from writer’s block and hoping to find his muse. He becomes distracted by the lovely and engaging Mary Harting, the daughter of a tycoon who disapproves of her burgeoning friendship with Thomas. While trying to win Mary’s affection and prove himself worthy to her father, he uncovers corruption and deception, adding a layer of intrigue to their love story. The letters that Thomas writes to his family, to his literary agent, to his mentor, Henry James, and to Mary are witty, charming, desperate, and heartfelt. They reveal his heart, his insecurities, and his determination in a very clever way. This book is delightfully entertaining, filled with intriguing characters and a compelling story. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

By Amazon Customer on October 16, 2016
I wasn’t sure I would like a story told all in letters, but this book was amazing. Totally engaging, great story, fast paced, and I fell in love with the witty main character Thomas. This is one to read slow and savor. I was given a free copy in exchange for my honest review.